Specific Defect Survey Reports

Specific Defect Surveys investigate a particular defect on a building that has been identified in a pre-purchase report or because the building owner or asset manager has become concerned about some cracking or evidence of potential damage. These surveys focus on the cause of the defect; and recommend measures required for repair and remediation.

We can inspect, report and advise on a range of building defects including:-

  • Damp and condensation
  • Cracks, subsidence and trees
  • Defective external wall finishes/stone cladding/curtain walling
  • Woodworm, timber rot and decay
  • Problems with flat and pitched roofs

 arun new 1

 Dampness within common parts of block of flats due to service pipe leak


 arun new2

 Basement car park leak within high quality residential development in Essex


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